Sunday, May 22, 2005

All that's new in Jai-Land

First of all, some new work is available in the Prisma Collection I've started. Bright colorful work using polymer clay canes, which I'm now learning how to do.

My goals...the ones I posted below all came to pass for day one and I've been making goals each day, but don't want to bore anyone with them here, so I'm not posting them.

I now weigh 159, so that's another 1/2 pound gone. I still wish that would move along faster and I don't understand it, but I've about given up trying to figure it out. I'm doing my part with the calories and exercise and if my body is being stubborn, then so be it. There's nothing else I can do except surgery and I don't have the money for that. Well I guess I could do some imagery...I haven't tried that yet.

So there's the update!

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