Monday, May 23, 2005

GUILTY! Mega, mega mistake......

I admit it - I'm guilty. Of what? Miscalculating on calories. And boy oh boy, now I know WHY this weight loss hasn't been working. Yes, I've been counting my FOOD calories right. And most of my drink calories, too. Except one...

My iced tea. Which is sweetened. In this pitcher of iced tea I make every day, I add 1 cup of sugar. I "assumed" (wrongly), that I was was receiving approximately 200 calories a day from this pitcher of tea I drink throughout the day. OH NO.........I just did some research and discovered because of the sugar in the tea, I'm getting about 500 more calories per day than I was calculating!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only that, but there are reports about sugars/insulin levels and how your body reacts to all of that. Controversial reports, but enough to say, hey, why I am I taking on these empty calories?

That's it - starting TODAY - it's Sweet -n-low time. I'm going to the store this morning to get some and there will be no more sugar in the tea I drink.

I still cannot believe I didn't calculate this out right and I just "assumed". Now we'll see if this change helps.

Also, I'm upping the amount of exercise I do in the morning. I'm doing cross training now - first I do a 1.20 mile walk as fast as I can, then I jump rope for about 2-3 minutes. This morning I added the floor abdominal exercises, then rode my bike for about 5 minutes, then went up and down the stairs 10 times. When I finished, I had been exercising for 43 minutes straight and I was sweating and out of breath. I'm going to do this new schedule every morning and I'm still going to do my afternoon 1.20 mile walk as well.

I still can't believe that about the tea. UGH.


Anonymous said...

Instead of drinking tea with or without that sugar if you were to drink only water you would notice a far more substantial difference.

Jai said...

Oh I don't know if I can do that! I do drink 64 ounces of water (at least) per day, plus I eat ice...the glasses of tea I have are 1/2 ice chips and 1/2 tea. Last year I drank beer and was losing weight. Now I know has less calories than a glass of sweet tea! But unsweet tea with S&L in it will have even less than the beer, so this should make a big difference for me. Thanks for your comments! :)