Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Knock Knock......

Anyone home? I ask that because that's the way I feel sometimes. You share a new piece of work with the world, especially on mailing lists where sharing new work is usually a daily thing from someone, your counter shows 56 people have looked at it since last night when you put it up, but no emails/comments? That always bums me out, especially when it's a new technique I've tried and I would LOVE to have some feedback on the pendant, the design scheme of the necklace, etc.

Funny thing was, on this set, I originally almost scrapped all the material because it wasn't turning out like I thought. But then I thought, oh no, you never throw away polymer will have a use. The next day with "fresh eyes" I woke up and had a different idea, and it pulled together into this:

Now myself, I find it rather attractive. I think it looks good on Belle, who is, btw, my new $6.79 model I picked up at Hobby Lobby! I was so excited to find her...I've been looking at these heavy stone looking busts for a while but I could afford the $40-$60 prices they carried. I saw Belle when I first came in...she was on the top shelf of an aisle I was passing by. I started to go down the aisle but there were two employees on ladders kind of in the way, so I went and did the rest of my shopping. I came back later and the employees were gone. Belle was on the top shelf and I knew she'd be very expensive...imagine my surprise when I saw $6.79 on her tag! SALE, it read!
So I took off every sculpture in front of her, stood on my tiptoes (I'm only 5' 2", I can never reach anything on top shelves...sigh), and gently eased her toward me. She was heavy! But I managed to get her to the register and strapped her in the seatbelt in the car on the way home. And she is now my newest display!
I guess I manifested her, as I've been thinking for a long time, there must be a model out there I can buy for a steal! And she finally came to be. Now if I could just do the same with my weight....sigh.
Two days ago, I posted about my frustrations with this. I was up two pounds. Monday, I ate about 900 calories and walked 2 miles. Got up yesterday and was one pound less (but still one pound UP from the Sunday weight). Yesterday I had about 1100 calories, and push mowed this yard....2 hours of pushing and sweating and walking probably several miles by the time it was all done. I still weigh the same. UGH
Monday when I was so frustrated I went to Ediets and took their profile quiz. My result was that I need to lose about 30 more pounds to be healthy, and that I can do that by eating 1200-1300 calories a day and exercising....and they wanted me to pay a fee to learn more. Well, I didn't pay the fee, but did sign up for their tips newsletter. I mean, I am already *doing* what they said...and it does not appear to be working the way it should.
Monday when I was in the store (which I walked to rather than drove!), I was talking with the clerk there about this weight thing and this man nearby said "Keep it up, one day soon it will just start dropping off." I looked at him and said "Yeah, but I've been doing this 12 weeks already and it's frustrating me." He nodded and said "I know, but I'm telling ya, it will start dropping off really soon here." I wondered after I left the store, perhaps he was an angel, bringing me a message? So I'm going to follow his advice...:)
Today I plan to walk a couple of miles. I'm getting ready to do one walk is supposed to be 90 degrees here today, and I don't want to walk when it's that hot. So I figured I'd do one walk now while it's cool, and then another this evening after it starts to cool off again.
So those are my morning thoughts over coffee......:)

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