Thursday, May 19, 2005

10 Just For Today

I've titled this post "10 Just for Today" because that is the amount and way I want to present my daily goals. Each day, the 10 may change. Just for today keeps me focused on staying in the now - not regressing to the past or drifting off into the future.

My 10 goals just for today are:

1) Market my business
2) Increase sales by one order
3) Make something new
4) Cut my food portions in half
5) Exercise 3 times at three different intervals during the day
6) Spend 3 hours of "personal time" doing something just because I want to.
7) Say thank you to someone for something
8) Make a point of telling another artist what I like about their work
9) Go to the vet to get the animals monthly flea treatment
10) Drink 2 additional 32 oz glasses of water during the day

I pledge to do my best to reach these goals today!

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