Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Exercise Tip for the Busy People of the world

I discovered it yesterday...someone suggested it and I thought, oh why the heck not try it. And it worked - because I ate a HUGE omelet yesterday and I just KNEW I was probably going to add 2 pounds back on afterwards. Not only did I not put any pounds on, but I actually lost the 1/2 pound which had already crept back on. All from one little thing...something I used to do all the time when I was a kid.....


That's right! I purchased a jump rope for $1...and jumped rope for a minute or so at a time on and off a couple of times throughout the afternoon and evening yesterday. That was in addition to my 2 daily walks.

So there's been no omelet disaster, plus I lost a 1/2 a pound quick. I proceeded to research this today and this is what I read:

"Jump rope. Don't smirk. Jumping rope isn't only for little girls in pink dresses and pigtails. Jumping rope is a fantastic way to get cardiovascular exercise while staying in the comforts of your home: five minutes of jumping rope has the calorie-burning power of jogging one mile. Of course, we're talking about REAL jumping rope action-going quick and not doing those little "double hops" in between each turn. If you don't know what we're talking about when we say "real" jumping rope, rent Rocky and learn from the master."

Now, keep in mind, getting 159.5 pounds over this little rope isn't easy...and I *did* do the double hops they mentioned. Plus I did single skipping action too. I couldn't do very many at a time and the little bit I did do really put me out of breath and broke a sweat quickly. Like anything, I'll have to work myself up to doing more at a time. But for these kind of results and for a QUICK way to burn those extra calories, I'm all for it.

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