Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I can't do it...

Or I guess you can say I am *not willing* to do it...drink my tea without sugar that is.

Now keep in mind, I used to use Sweet n Low all the time and was fine with it. But I've had it only very occasionally for the past several years. Guess what? I don't like it anymore! BLECH!

Last night, I got up and put 1/2 cup sugar in the tea pitcher. Normally I'd make the tea with 1 cup of sugar. With 1/2, I definitely noticed a difference, yet it still tasted better than with Sweet and Low.

So - new plan. Now that I realize my calorie intake mistake, I'm going to decrease the sugar by cutting it in 1/2, and I'm going to decrease the amount of tea I allow myself to have. Consider the tea a "special treat" (which it is...I didn't realize how much I missed it until I did without it for 24 hours!).

So, water is going to become a new best friend. I've been drinking water all along - but I would choose the tea first over water. That's changing...now I'm going to choose the water first and ONLY have the tea as a special treat once or twice a day, and since I now know the correct amount of calories, those will be figured into my daily intake.

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