Friday, November 25, 2005

What's Your Inspiration...Are you Married...Do you Have Kids & Pets?

Someone wrote me this week and asked me these I thought I'd share my answers here for the rest of you who are interested:

What is the inspiration behind your beautiful work?

My inspiration comes from color. I love color, and I tend to see colors in everything - colors most people don't see when they view something. So I tend to try to really bring out those colors in my work, which then helps people who see my art, see colors they wouldn't normally see, when say, looking at a dog or a cat or a landscape scene. Color makes things more vivid and bright to me, and in a world that is so often gray and negative in attitude, I want to bring more color into my own world as well as the world of others.

Are you married?

Yes, I am married - unfortunately for him. He might have been expecting Betty Crocker/Susie Homemaker/Soccer Mom, but he got me, the tempermental, totally focused artsy person who doesn't like anything "normal" - everything must make a statement. :)

Do you have children and pets?

I have two children and I have 6 pets, currently. I have 2 birds, 3 cats, one very spoiled dog, and I also seem to attract every stray in the world, so I have visitors frequently. I also have a stables I go to once a week and I get to be around the horses - they aren't mine, but I feel like they are in a way. Not to mention the gazillion birds, squirrels, and even a snake or lizard every now and then. And recently a bat visited as well. (that one I can do without!)


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