Wednesday, November 23, 2005

SUNBATHIN' - #3 in the 100 Fabulous Felines Miniature Cat Art Series

SUNBATHIN' - #3 in the 100 Fabulous Felines Miniature Art Series by Jai Johnson

"Bath? I didn't just hear her say that evil word. No way am I getting dumped into that big white abyss to be covered with - egads - water...soap...perfume. It's just NOT happenin'. Not in this lifetime. Yeah woman, I hear you calling me. When will you figure out I don't answer to 'kitty kitty'? And since I heard the "B" word in your last sentence, you won't see me for hours. You'll never find me up here...never. I'm takin' the best kind of bath there is, right here, right now. Dream on, Lady. Water baths are for humans...gimme the sun, Baby, gimme the sun!"

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