Saturday, November 19, 2005

My new Ebay ID & new series thoughts

You know, sometimes it just takes me a while to "get it"...why I had my user id anything other than my name, I have no idea. Anyway, I just changed it and now my user id is officially:


on Ebay. How's that for easy to remember? LOL

Today I am beginning a new series.....this is a series of miniature PAINTINGS. No, these cannot be worn as pendants, as my other pieces you've been seeing. I'm taking on a HUGE challenge to complete a series of miniature paintings - 100 of them to be exact. The series name is "100 Fabulous Felines". Each miniature painting will be completed in polymer, using my own techniques. Each piece of tiny art will be size 3 1/2" x 2" - the size of a business card.

The reason I chose the business card size for my painting series is because of the magnetic business card deals you can put on the back. *Some people* might like to display their original art purchases on a refrigerator, metal cabinet, or metal board on their wall. I'm not putting any magnetic material on the back - display is up to the buyer because everyone has so many different preferences on how they like to display their original minis. It's just the size I am making them will work well with those magnetic backings if the buyer chooses to do that. They can also be mounted in other ways - frames/mats, displayed on tiny easels, etc. These will not have any hardware attached at all, as my art pendant/hanging paintings do.

Each piece in the series will be prepared on a "canvas" of translucent polymer clay (giving them the look of stained glass when placed in front of light). Each painting will be signed with my official JAI stamp and numbered (ex. 1/100) on the bottom edge of the canvas. My art jewels I sign on the back. These will be signed on the bottom edge of the canvas on the front, just in case someone wants to put mounting material on the back - that way it will not hide the signature or #.

I'm looking forward to getting started on these cool cats. Why cats? Well I own several, I love them, and they have such interesting expressions and body language. Not that my other animals don''s just cats get themselves in more unique "positions" I guess, therefore creating a variety of poses and looks which make appealing works of art. And this is just my first series...who knows what the next will hold!

Oh, and each piece will be offered on my website for $85 - $120 and will be listed on Ebay as well. I am *thinking* of (though I rarely "cut prices" for Ebay anymore) opening bids of only $49 on these and hoping the bids will go up. The ONLY reason I'm considering that is to keep my Ebay fees down, which are getting quite excessive from listing $65-$85 pieces on there recently in an attempt to reach out to new audiences. But I haven't decided for sure. I do know I'll run these just like I do my other pieces....if they sell on the site before there is a bid, they get pulled from Ebay. If they get a bid, they get marked sold on the site. Whoever gets there first secures the piece, basically.

So that's what I've been up to this cloudy, cold Saturday here in Jackson, TN. Thinking....planning....adjusting things.


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