Tuesday, November 22, 2005

THE WATCHER - #2 in the 100 Fabulous Felines series of miniature cat art

THE WATCHER - #2 in the 100 Fabulous Felines miniature art series by Jai Johnson

"My owner's a trip. She's on the phone again to her sister, braggin' on me, telling her what a good kitty I am sitting on the porch watching for bugs, making sure none of the unsavory creatures slip under the door. She doesn't have a clue. Woman, I'm not watchin' for bugs...I'm checking out the chick sitting down by the rose bush. Mmmm...she's a sweet, fluffy gal. I love the way her silky tail curls around those back legs and how those long, white whiskers glisten in the sunlight. Talk about temptation... Bugs...ha! Get your own bugs, woman...I'm busy!"

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