Friday, November 11, 2005

Palomino Horse Pendant complete!!!!

Woohoo! She's done! This is a frontal portrait view of a Palomino horse on this pendant. I will be wearing this to the awards dinner for the horse stables tonight and carrying plenty of business cards, as I hope to secure some custom orders from horse owners. Now I need to get moving and go find a turtleneck to wear. It's turned COLD again here and all of my decent winter clothes are ancient and too big since I lost all the weight. So I'm off to do errands and hopefully pick up a new shirt or sweater which will provide a nice backdrop for this pendant. (yes, I pick clothes to match my jewelry...LOL)


P.S. If you're in Jackson, TN, pick up a copy of the new VIP magazine.....Rachel Dickson from the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art and I are on the page where they show photos from the Puttin' on the Pink Breast Cancer Awareness luncheon.

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