Wednesday, November 30, 2005

EMERGE art necklace for the butterfly challenge

The creator came down to Earth on a rainbow, in order to bring a message of peace to all humans. And at the very spot where his foot touched the ground, the stones came alive and the sparkling colors of the rainbow emerged with a brilliance unsurpassed.

EMERGE is the title of my art necklace designed for the "Emerge from The Cocoon" Butterfly challenge. I designed a special stone-shaped cabochon, featuring the look of opal and a fair-haired maiden, basking in its glow as she proceeds to emerge into life as a beautiful, successful, and talented woman. This original painting is created solely in polymer in a fashion similar to enamel work. The art represents the changes I personally have gone through as I've transformed over my lifetime, and is representative of the changes many women after me will make, and the journeys into finding ones true self others before me have done.

The art cabochon is framed in 14K gold filled wire, which forms the setting for the cab as well as the wings of the butterfly. Rare aurora tinted milkglass vintage beads, emerald green glass beads, and three exquisite pink ab special cut vintage crystals form the intricate beaded part of the design. The pendant hangs from a goldtone 18" mesh chain.

I chose to create the look of opal in this piece because opals are like human emotions - always experienced different and anew each time they are viewed. The opal is one of my favorite gemstones. The art cab is stamped with my official signature on the back.

To see a close up view of the pendant, please click here.


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