Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Making of a Bluebird Jewel #5

In this photograph, I have laid in the cream colored background. I have also detailed the branch by adding terra cotta and black outlines/lines to the gray base. I have defined the holly berries by encircling them in black, and have defined the leaves as well with black outlines. Keep in mind, my light source is coming from the right, so I added a little yellow to the right side of the leaves and darkened the leaves a bit more on the left.

This photo shows where I've now added more color to the background. Small bits of terra cotta were applied up the left edge and down low on the right. Golden yellow was applied up the right side and over the top of the bird's head. Then very close to the branch, leaves and base of the bird, I have added black to further darken these areas. I have also outlined the two sides of the bird to define him better.

In this last photo of this set, I have worked on the beak area a little more. I have also began darkening his feathers under the left wing to show the shadowing. And I have darkened his left wing with a deep navy blue to show its shadowing as well.

Now it's time for the rest of his detailing. I'm starving...but I'm going to get the rest of his coloring done and get him in the oven before I eat! :)

At this point, another hour has been invested. 4 hours and 15 minutes so far.

More later,

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