Monday, November 21, 2005

STUCK # 1 in the 100 Fabulous Felines Mini Painting Series

STUCK Original Cat Miniature Polymer Painting #1 in the 100 Fabulous Felines Series of Miniature Polymer Paintings by Jai Johnson

"I'm not really stuck...but I look pretty convincing, don't I? When she sees my head wedged in between these wooden stair rails, she'll race over here, frantic. Then she'll try to maneuver me out of this position, calling me 'poor baby' the entire time. I'll whimper a little and maybe give out a good yowl, and eventually I'll let my head ease from between the rails. Then I'll shake viciously and start grooming myself while she goes to get my cat treat to appease me for my misfortune. She'll spend the afternoon holding me and cooing over me. I tell the others all the time...ya just gotta know how to work 'em. Owners are trainable."

(Click here to buy STUCK from my gallery or click here to bid on STUCK on Ebay. First one to get to him takes him home!)


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1 comment:

Ingrid said...

Great kitty! I've had cats like that. Love your colors too.