Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ornament perfect!

I found some simple brass ornament stands yesterday at Hobby Lobby. These are PERFECT for my miniature pendants with the new bail! What a wonderful way to display these pieces as miniature art in the home. And these are relatively inexpensive too. I bought the last 3 they had. I was looking for a larger one of these, which is available out there and has more "arms" to display a variety on one stand. However, Hobby Lobby didn't have any. These are 5" tall and are exactly the size I need. Now I need to put these photos up on my website to show my customers how they can display their mini pendants. That website I mentioned a few posts earlier has many of these in all different styles. I might order some from them. They also have very good prices. Five-six inches is the best height for my pieces.

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Cat said...

I love this!! Great way to display your works of art when you aren't displaying them around your neck!!!