Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cutest little Pug! Dog Portrait Miniature Jewel Painting

Isn't this little fella just ADORABLE? I love Pugs. A fellow stable member whom I will see on Wed asked if I could create a Pug art jewel for her mother. So I'm taking this one Wed when I deliver the 12 horse pendants to the stable owner (2 more of those to go!). Unless this Pug sells before then from my site. I can always do another one, although each one is unique and original, since each piece is hand-painted.

I still get asked all the time "What kind of paint do you use for these?" People are SHOCKED when they find out it's not paint...it's all created in clay, all fired together, all creating ONE SOLID DESIGN (nothing to chip or peel on these!). I've been getting asked a lot lately if I use transfers. No to that, too. Each jewel is a hand-painted (with clay) one of a kind original work of art. Which makes each piece special and unique. My customers can be assured they are getting a miniature piece of original art to wear or to display when they purchase one of my designs.

Speaking of displays, I created this graphic ad to put on my site pages and Ebay auctions, which I hope will help others to envision how their mini jewel can be displayed when not wearing it as a pendant.

DID YOU KNOW....the art of hand-painted portrait jewels has been popular for over 100 years? In the past, artists who did portrait miniatures were called "limners" and they not only created pieces for jewelry, but also work meant to be framed for display. Some traveled from city to city taking commissions as they went. AND.... Even men occasionally wore portraits suspended around the neck under their shirts. Interesting fact there about the history of art jewelry. :)

Well off to the studio I go! Two more horse pendants to complete today, as well as a Dachshund portrait jewel. Later,



Your Brother said...

Awesome dog!! Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Jai, I'm amazed at the detail you can achieve on such small pieces! These little dog pieces are so lifelike! Your shading and coloring is awesome! You've nailed it!
Rachel Dickson
The Dickson Gallery of Fine Art