Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Custom Miniature Art Jewels for YOU, & Come to a Party!

For months people have been asking me if I can immortalize their pets as a portrait art jewel. Of course I can, but I didn't have all of the details worked out. NOW I DO! Just in time for Christmas too. :) I've decided on my custom pieces to put a different type of bail on the piece. As you can see from the photo here, the bail is triangle shaped and has two small rings at the top. A jewelry chain or cord can be inserted through the rings and a portrait jewel can be worn as a pendant in this manner. *OR* the two things can be removed and then you have a piece of miniature ART, ready to hang in your home or office!

The example shown here of the Polar Bear is 2" in size. I find so much satisfaction in creating a tiny rendition which looks so detailed. I've always been fascinated by miniatures, ever since my Dad built me a dollhouse when I was a child, and I collected things for it. Now I'm able to become a part of the fascination!

As for subjects I will create, I can do ANY subject. Whatever a customer provides a photograph of, I can do. I've been asked mostly about creating pets and other animals, but I can also do a "people" portrait (can you imagine your grandchild's face on one of these...talk about a UNIQUE lifelong heirloom!), I can create a special flower, or even freeze a moment in time from a snapshot of a favorite place. If a customer wants a certain symbol or design or character image they provide, I can do that too!

Currently, I can fill a custom order in only 5 days. As I get busier, that time will extend out. So now is the time to order for Christmas, before I get too busy. Click here to see my order page.

Keep in mind, these art jewels are made totally from polymer clay - NO PAINT is used! The design is all fired in the oven to make the finished piece ONE...therefore it's all part of each other and there is nothing to peel or fade. These will maintain their color, depth, clarity and vibrancy for a lifetime!

I'll be adding more examples of portrait jewels on my website shortly.

Also, I wanted to invite you all to a PARTY! The Dickson Gallery of Fine Art is having a ONE YEAR ANNIVESARY celebration on November 25 from 7-9 pm and I plan to be there! Click here to read all the juicy details about this fun and exciting event! So if you are anywhere around Jackson, TN on that evening, come by and say HELLO to me! :)


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