Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Making of a Bluebird Jewel #4

Here I have began the detailing of the bluebird's beak. I filled in over the white with gray, added some terra cotta and yellow, and outlined in black to define the beak.

Here I have began the coloring of his head feathers with the rich cobalt blue. I've also colored in his wings. Now he's starting to look a little like a bluebird!

Here I've add more of the darker base coloring over the light colors. His breast is becoming more orange/rust colored, his underbreast feathers have cream added to them. I've defined the branch with some gray and green, added dark green for the leaves and added the red for the holly berries.

Now it's time to decide on background color. I believe I will use cream as the base, with yellow on the right hand side of the bird (this is where the sun will hit his feathers) and a terra cotta on the left (causing his left side to be slightly shadowed, with darker coloring.) It's also time to start detailing his feathers with some darker, defining colors to suggest separation.

At this point, there has been another hour into this project, making it a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes so far.

More soon!

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