Sunday, November 06, 2005

Red Hat Society Maiden portrait art jewel

A friend asked me the other day if I can do "people" portraits. And I can, but when working as small as this piece, they don't turn out looking just like the photo. If I had used a larger face shot, this woman's face would have turned out looking more like the original. But I loved this pose, so I painted her face even smaller to get the pose on the pendant. As a result, she doesn't look like the "innocent sweetheart" in the original photo, but it did turn out to be a really cool Red Hat Society Maiden art jewel, which was what I was really trying to accomplish with this piece anyway.

For my custom orders, I think I'd rather stick to subjects other than people. People subjects take SO MUCH longer anyway and the price would be even higher. I worked with this beauty ALL DAY yesterday and was finishing her up at about 11 pm last night. PHEW! I like how she turned out - the red and purple colors are so rich and royal.

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