Tuesday, November 29, 2005

WAITING FOR SANTA - #4 in the 100 Fabulous Felines Mini Art Series

"Waiting for Santa"
#4 in the 100 Fabulous Felines Series of Business-card sized, original polymer paintings

"Okay, Girls, here's the deal...we're going to miss out on Christmas table scraps while that big, ole' ugly dog gets 'em all. All we'll get are those nasty treats from Santa. So here's the plan. As soon as you see the big guy's sleigh, run and hide. After he's outta here, grab those treat bags and stash 'em under the couch. At dinner tomorrow, you two give out your best meow's and do all the feet rubbin' you can muster. The Misses will feel so sorry for us, she'll definitely divide those scraps up and fix us a plate. And don't forget to toss a big smirk Fido's way before we start munchin' out. He'll never understand it, but he'll wonder about it for a whole year!"

(click here to buy this original painting or click here to bid on this painting on Ebay. Also, purchase cards and fine art prints with this artwork here.)


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