Sunday, June 26, 2005

New Mower, new vaccum!

I'm in business now! Since the power nozzle on the electrolux broke and I couldn't afford a new one ($160 + $30 shipping!), I opted for a little Hoover bagless I found on sale at Target for $69. Brought that thing home, unpacked it and vaccumed 3 rooms....and MY GOSH at the DUST that came out of the carpet which was just vaccumed with the regular electrolux nozzle yesterday! EGADS! We should be breathing better around here now. This little Hoover really has some power - it surprized me totally. It's also got a fold down handle so it stores easily in the closet.

While at Target, I picked up a glass baking dish to fire my sculptures in and I also picked up all kinds of little nail, eye, and dental tools for sculpting work. I should be in business now to begin my first Nymph sculpture.

Then I headed back to Sears to get my mower and just got home with her. I've named her GEORGIE...:) Georgie and I went a few rounds around the yard and she also does an awesome job for a simple little push mower. Now I'm cooling off with a glass of iced tea and enjoying the rest of my afternoon.

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