Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What's Going On

Oh my, I've had a busy few days. First of all, I'm down to 154 on the weight...16 pounds gone, 19 to go! I'm almost halfway there.

Second - my lawnmower has bit the dust. I love that little thing. I could probably fix it, but it has so many little things wrong, by the time I get done replacing the parts and putting the time in it, I could just get a new one. I'm thinking of a Sears Craftsman, very similar to my older model. I just hope it will start easy! My current mower has a one pull start, and it's great!

Third - my ear is stopped up. UGH - went swimming yesterday and I only did two laps and came up out of the water and it felt like I had water in my right ear. So I tried all my normal techniques to shake it out. But it would NOT unstop. I think it must have moved a piece of wax in the way of the canal or something. So I started using those wax softening drops and it has helped somewhat, but it's still not all the way unplugged. GRRRRRR Needless to say, this happened at the beginning of the swim session, so I didn't have a great time at all. :(

And in the middle of all of that.....I've taken on two partners, and we have changed the name of the company to just JAI (Jai Art International)....still located at but we have a new logo and a new look to the site. I just got finished getting a bunch of the former items into the sale category. We'll be working more on SCULPTURE pieces now - yes, jewelry too...but very sculptural and also regular sculptures. AJ makes some gorgeous mini roses and her large ones she's made in the past are exquisite. Wish I had photos of them, but they are all sold. She's getting ready to start working on a large one this week, and this one will be on site.

I figured this was a good move...I was getting tired of being all ALONE in this business, and now I don't have to be. I was also getting tired of making these pieces and having no sales of them! So when you visit the site, you'll see the three jewelry lines are gone, and all we have up now is the wearable art category as well as the miniature rose sculptures category (and the ONE SALE category to clear out previous beads and jewelry). We will be adding more categories as soon as we all produce more work...with all of these problems I've run into this week, it might be a little while for me. But AJ is making them roses! AMEN GIRL!

Oh, one piece of sad news. My friend Joe called on Saturday - his grandfather passed away on Friday after a week long hospital stay. He was 86. I didn't make it to the funeral, but my thoughts and prayers were with him and his family on Sunday, the day of the funeral.

So that's my life in a nutshell (which my ear feels like it's in one of those right now!). I hope to report back soon with better news.

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