Friday, June 24, 2005

One of my favorite artists

Just thought I'd share the site of one of my favorite artists whose work is very different and colorful. His name is Jim Warren and his website is

In thinking of about a sculpture AJ and I are going to be working on, I thought of Jim's site and decided to visit again. As usual, I wasn't disappointed in the work!

A couple of my other favorites are Schimm Schimmel and Wyland. I went to the Wyland gallery when I was in Hawaii many moons ago, and I LOVED the place. So peaceful and serene. One of my favorite deceased artists is Georgia O'Keefe. I love her big, bold and beautiful flowers.

It's a hot day here today. Humid and over 90. I hear it's supposed to be 99 degrees in Memphis tomorrow. PHEW! Think I'll stay inside and watch HITCH, the movie I picked up at Blockbuster. It has to be back Sunday. That's the day I go get my new mower! Hooray!

Weight...I still weigh in at just the one pound lost so far this week. I did the full round of exercises today since my ear is better and I felt better. A couple more pounds and I will be halfway there to my goal weight! Thank God for these thyroid pills - I feel sure they are making the big difference.

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