Monday, June 13, 2005

AMEN - I finally have straight NON FRIZZY hair!

This all came about in an interesting way...I was in the shoe store yesterday and I was on the phone with my brother, telling him about my hair frizzing from the humidity and how I was getting SO IRRITATED with it anymore. A clerk in the store heard me talking and came up and told me exactly what to do with my hair. I decided to make the investement and after the shoe store, I hit Target for what I needed.

I bought a Conair ceramic flat iron, and this stuff called Farouk BioSilk Silk Therapy. That's what the girl told me to get and I decided what the heck...thinking all along, it probably won't work.

I came home with my new goodies and immediately tried the flat iron on this frizzed out mess (and I have really long hair the friz is even more irritating than it used to be!). I'll be darned, but that iron smoothed and flattened my hair beautifully. Of course after being back out in the humidity last night for a good bit, it was all frizzed out again. YUCK!

But then today, I did the whole routine, beginning with a nice hot bath, washing hair and some serious conditioning. Got out of the tub and combed out my hair (ahhhhh it's so smooth and shiny when wet...). Then I put about a dime size dollop of the BioSilk Silk Therapy in my palm, rubbed both hands together and applied this oil to the ends of the hair, and worked my way up just kind of rubbing through the hair, and definitely included the bangs, which are a severe trouble spot (since they are short, they friz worse!).

Then I blow dried my hair, then took the flat iron to it, and it was looking lovely. Then I put about 4 drops of the oil on my palm, rubbed my hands together and gently ran my palms over the entire length of my hair on the sides and back, finishing with the bangs.

Then I went out into our lovely humidity to test it, just KNOWING when I got back home, I'd have the frizzies again. Got home 2 hours later and lo and behold, my hair looked SMOOTH! So I decided to give it a harder test. I went the patio and laid out in the sun. Came in an hour and a half later and immediately went to the mirror to check out these bangs. Sweaty hair, yes, but OMG, those bangs were straight!

So I decided to really do it in, and I changed clothes and did a mile + long walk in the hot hot sunshine. Got home and checked it again...very slight "poofing" of the hair, but it just looks "thicker" than it did before...NOT FRIZZY!

This stuff from Bio Silk is a miracle! If it will do this to my hair in this humidity, and keep it straight (including the bangs), I am definitely going to brag about its magical powers! Now I need to take the girl at the shoe store a free gift for taking the time to be helpful and give me the advice on what I needed. I think I will take her a bead wrap. :)

After this happening today, I'm a firm believer that MIRACLES DO EXIST! :)

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