Monday, June 06, 2005

Great Music...and my radio adventure!

Being I like to listen to music while I work, I am constantly "tuned in" to the radio stations. There is one particular station I couldn't get in my house...I could get the station in my car, just not on any of the 5 radios/stereos in the house. It was driving me NUTS because this station has great music with fabulous beats and it really pumps me up to listen to this station, which then helps me get a good flow to my work going.

While my brother was here, I decided to work on this "issue" with the radio. First thing I did was get a new stereo for my office. My others are all 12-15 years old and I thought maybe I'd get better reception with a new system. So I got a little shelf unit with great sounds and 5 disc CD player. But guess what? Still couldn't get Z105.3 in Jackson.

Interestingly enough, this stereo I bought had a way to hook it up to the computer and play music from the computer via the stereo. However, my computer is so old, the software they gave me wouln't work to make the music go from computer to stereo. ARGH!

Then my brother Scott - the technical whiz that he is - decided to hook up an AUX connection from my comptuer to the stereo...and VIOLA! I can now hear Z105.3 IN MY HOUSE! Finally! A weird way to go about it, but it works!

BTW, if you like good pop music with very little commericals, check it too can get it over your computer:

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