Monday, June 06, 2005

Life Update

Wow, what a morning! I've been up since before 6 and already completed an hour of intensive exercise. Turned out I gained 4 pounds while the family was here...too many big meals and a few desserts tossed in. After mowing the yard yesterday and walking and drinking a TON of water, I ended up weighing in at 158 on the scale this morning...just 1/2 pound more than I was before the family arrived. So I feel good that I'm getting back on track and that motivated me!

This morning I walked first, then I watered the flowers. Yes that's a shock, I am attempting to keep some flowers alive. :) While my brother was here we planted flowers in the beds and planted a Hibiscus tree as well. I'll take some photos of them soon (shock...they are still alive!) Anyway - watering the flowers is equivalent to lifting weights. How, you ask? Because I fill a 3 gallon pitcher with water and carry it from the water faucet to the beds. I do this 4 times, so that's 4 weight lifting exercises.

Then I swept the driveway. Now I could just buy a new blower. However...all of this modern lawn equipment doesn't promote good exercise, in my opinion. So I'm skipping the blower and sweeping the drive and sidewalks with a BROOM. Talk about good exercise...I just swept 1/2 of the drive and literally had sweat dripping off me!

After that, I jumped rope for about a minute and a half, and then did my abdominal floor exercises and leg lifts. Total of 180 abs moves and 60 leg lifts.

Now I'm taking a break and deciding what to do with the rest of my day. I have a new jewel I think I will work on that today. I'm still trying to decide whether to go at this idea with polymer clay canes or with a sculpture effect. I'll be making a relatively large bead. I think maybe I should work on the core of the bead first, to make sure the idea will even work. Because in either case (cane or sculpture), the core will have to be there and work correctly. When I get something done, I'll share.

Guess I'd better go eat my 1/2 a bowl of cherrios and get a shower. Later!

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