Saturday, June 25, 2005

No comments on the ear?

Gee - I really thought people might get a kick out of that one! I think it looks like a "real ear" and the people I've shown it to here in my hometown think so. I guess it just didn't amaze others as much as it amazed me. For some reason, I think it's pretty damn amazing that a ball of clay can turn into that ear in just a few minutes time. I didn't think the ball would become anything but MUSH, so I shocked myself when it actually looked like something real. Anytime I make something new, I shock myself when it actually looks like something decent. I saw an artist interview this morning and the guy said he thinks 10% of his own work is good and the rest is shit. I'm kind of the same way on that, and it takes the feedback of others to let me know I'm wrong. So I'm walking around assuming that calculation must be right, because I have no feedback. 90% of my work is shit. That's the way I feel today.

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