Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Green Tea?

They say it helps lose weight. My brother was telling me last night about a man he works with who is drinking green tea along with his diet/exercise plan and he said he's lost about 25 pounds in 3 months. Hmmm...I decided to look into this. Even though I like tea, I normally don't drink it green. :)

After reading a few articles, I discovered there is a pill which has an abundance of green tea extract, and I just happen to have these pills here! Wooo hoo! Xenadrine EFX is the name of the pill. I bought them months ago when I first started my adventure to my new body. Took them about 2 weeks and didn't see a bit of weight loss...maybe 1/2 pound in 2 weeks. And remember, in the beginning is when you're supposed to lose the most weight.

Well, I've already determined I screwed up on counting my calories with my iced tea in the beginning 3 months of my adventure. So I decided to try the pills again...took two this morning as directed.

I also upped my water intake tremendously the past 5 days. I've gone from drinking 64 ounces of water a day to 128 or thereabouts. The scale is still weighing me in at 158 though...all that extra water seems to be doing is making me have to visit the facilities more. I've upped my exercising too, so I'm kind of surprised that scale ain't moving. But I'll keep on! I will not give up! Life is an adventure and full of challenges, and I guess this just happens to be one of mine. :)

Off to start my day - got lots more sunflower items to get photographed and put online, plus I have an idea for a bead set using the same pattern, so I'll be working on that today.

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indigogarden said...

I find that green tea helps a great deal with weight loss. I grew addicted to one called "Tea of Inquiry" by The Republic of Tea. It is a japanese sencha with toasted rice. It fills you up and has all the wonderful properties for your healthy that all green tea has.

You might want to look into White Tea as well. I understand that it has even more of the ingredients that promote good health as green tea has.