Friday, September 30, 2005

What kind of paint do you use?

This is a question I get asked quite frequently. It's explained on my "About the Artist" page, however, many fail to go there, so they just ask me personally. Several who have read my blog here have asked me, so I thought I'd reply to the rest of those who may be wondering:

Basically, yes, I am handpainting my pieces - but not with "paint". I use liquid polymer, tinted with artist's pastels, for my "paint". Which ends up making the entire piece totally polymer clay - the color will stay "in place" this way...there is nothing to peel or chip as regular paints could. It's all fired (numerous times) so the color in the design actually becomes a part OF the piece, rather than just paint ON a piece, if that makes sense.

I also get asked a lot about custom orders. Yes, I will do them. I can paint ANYTHING as long as I have a photograph to work from. Realistic pieces take longer and will cost more. My impressionistic work is less time consuming, therefore those are less.

I put up a couple of 40mm x 3mm art cabs I made for designers to use as centerpieces. Already I've had a couple of requests about doing those in certain color combos...YES...I can do it! Just send me an email with what you want! Pricing is on the site for my various pieces I've already done, so that gives an idea of cost involved. I will always give a quote for custom orders upfront, and I require 1/2 payment in advance. If a customer doesn't like the work for some reason, or doesn't want to follow through with a purchase, I give them their 1/2 payment back and I place the piece(s) up for sale on my site for the full price. That's fair, I think, isn't it?

My site hits have more than doubled since last month. My web fees went up as of today as a result. Yet my sales have not. It's time for them to start happening. I am hoping my upcoming online fall show will generate those sales to get things moving. Send good thoughts my way! :)


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