Sunday, September 04, 2005

Halloween 2005 & New Orleans At Night!

The long awaited (well by ME, probably not by YOU, LOL!) Halloween 2005 pendant is complete. I only make one piece per holiday per year, so this is it for 2005. It's titled DO NOT DISTURB:

Click here to see the details including a photo of the back. This is another one of those reversible lentil bead pendants I've kind of gotten hooked on making lately because I love the shape!

And then, I finished this design I've titled NEW ORLEANS AT NIGHT - it's based on a neat photo of a courtyard in New Orleans. The colors are spectactular in the photo, and I attempted to replicate that dramatic color in the pendant.

Click here to see details of this piece, including the inspiration photo.

I didn't get any work done today on the next bead in Tropical Aves & Flora. :( I was working on my photography skills (or lack thereof) today as I was attempting to practice and get a good photo without a glare. I was shooting the bird beads all together. Over 200 photos later, and one dead battery, I finally gave up and decided to look at it with fresh eyes at a later date. Unfortunately since my battery died, I won't be taking any photos of anything for a while. Can't get a new battery until I have a sale. So I'm kind of stuck now.

But I'll take the time to work on the Toucan bead and some other pieces and get them ready to put up. I have some auctions ending this week, and maybe, just maybe, some exciting will happen!

Oh and speaking of looking at things with fresh eyes - I've noticed my eyesight is getting worse. It's really frustrating me on reading things more than anything. I've always had 20/20 vision, so I'm not very familiar with eye issues and it kind of worries me a little. I'm afraid I may end up needing glasses soon. Sigh. The trials of life!


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