Monday, September 26, 2005

Rocky...Tabby Cat Pendant...Don't worry...he won't bite!

I completed this little fella yesterday. Rocky is the first in my collection of "Pendant Pets" I'll be making. Each one is unique, and different, and has their own name, just like REAL pets! Only this one you can wear on a necklace and take with you everywhere. He turned out to be a real gem, but he definitely looks like one who is going to run his own show. I'm heading back down to the studio shortly to work on another Pendant Pet. I'm also working on pieces for my upcoming fall art jewelry show I'll be hosting on my website on October 23.

Rita came through here yesterday and made a big mess. I really feel for those down further south of me who were hit so hard. The weather has been incredibly nasty the past few years!

Oh, if you want to see some of my past work, go to my site and click on Gallery. Then look in the "Premium Collection" album. I uploaded several of my past art jewels into that album this morning. All of the past ones are representative of different techniques and styles I used within the past year. Comments are always welcome and appreciated!

Well I'm off to work on another pet. I am thinking of another cat, a tree frog and a bird. I'm not sure which one I'll work on first.


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