Friday, September 02, 2005

Evolution of a Museum Quality Neckpiece #5 - FOURTH Bead Done!

And here we go! Bead #4 in this 7 bead neckpiece has been completed! Tropical Aves & Flora is turning out to be probably my best design EVER. The buyer of this neckpiece is also going to receive a printed and bound art jewelry journal, detailing out the entire project, along with artist comments and individual photos. The presentation will be AWESOME for this collectible piece.

Okay, here is BEAD # 4! It was time to integrate some pinks and purples into the design. Therefore I have chosen the Flamingo in rich pink and coral, and a Water Lily in shades of purple and pink:

And a shot of all of them together:

And another view of these...photographed in different lighting. I am attempting to get my photographs just right for the Lark Books submission. I still have a way to go on this! LOL

I hope you are enjoying seeing the evolution of this neckpiece...please feel free to leave me your comments here by clicking on the comments line below!



Your brother said...

Looking ggggreattt!! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, you are so talented! Shirley