Thursday, September 08, 2005

AT REST ~ Big Cat Original Art Necklace

I've managed to get a ton of work done today, and this is the first piece I started at 7 am this morning. The others are not ready yet, but I thought I'd share this one I've titled AT REST:

Click here to see more details about this piece, including the inspiration photo I fell in love with about five years ago!

I am REALLY enjoying this looser, more abstract style of work. Not only can I work more quickly, but I'm able to produce a wider range of pieces and price them lower than the realistic work.

I'm also having FUN - and that's what this is all supposed to be about, right? We are supposed to ENJOY our life - it's our right to enjoy life, and sometimes....just like everyone else does...I get caught up in the "non-enjoyable" parts of life. It feels really good to LET GO and not be such a perfectionist about my work for a change. And guess what? From the comments I've been receiving, maybe my perfectionism was hurting me?

But alas, I still have a lot of realistic pieces here to finish. I have two more bird/flower beads in my tropical necklace, and then I have four florals already carved out and ready to work on. With these new pieces, I'm not carving the design...I'm just laying the color on in the manner I want before firing the piece. They turn out very interesting too! Most of the time, when I put it in the oven, I'm thinking UGH! I can't believe i just did that! But when it comes out, it looks pretty cool!

You'll notice my work is full of color. I love color and I see so much jewelry which is bland or too simple for me. Although, I have worn simple and very striking jewelry for the necessary occasions. But I think everyone needs to own at least ONE artistic and colorful piece of really step out beyond the norm. And I want to provide that jewelry for those people who are ready to get a little more colorful and bold with their life. That's my mission in life, I believe. :)

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