Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Evolution of a Museum Quality Neckpiece #8 - UGLY Beads Gone - All beads DONE!

Good morning world! Those ugly beads in the previous post have now been transformed! And ...... taking a breath..... all beads are now DONE for the Tropical Aves & Flora neckpiece! Here's the photos of the last two beads (click on them to see detail) and all beads combined.

The sleek and elegant Hyacinth Macaw!

And a grouping of colorful Plumeria flowers on the reverse!

The fun and feathery Umbrella Cockatoo...and

The fresh Frangipani!

All beads shown together:

So now what happens? Now it's time to make the actual necklace. I'll be using black rubber cord - and I know you're wondering how in the WORLD will those large, heavy beads hang on a black rubber cord to make a collar necklace without sagging? I have a secret there....and I believe I'll wait to share that on the last post when I share the completed neckpiece, so yes, you'll have to come back here to find out the answer. :)

I should have this completed by Friday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


P.S. To see all previous posts on this necklace creation, go to this link and see everything in order:


Paula Smith, Realtor said...

I've said for years that you outdo yourself but this time, you REALLY have! *laughing* (Uh, not like you didn't before but wow!) Your talent astounds me and I know your clients feel the same way. Congrats to you and best wishes on your fabulous success. I look forward to seeing your pieces featured on the necks of many Oscar beauties. You deserve it!

Andrea at Lochthyme said...

Just gorgeous!!!