Saturday, September 10, 2005

Phoenix Rising... the name of my newest art necklace:

Go here to see the details and inspiration photo:

And I completed two other pieces as well...both of these are pendants:



Peacock Feathers

Aha! Notice something? My photos are different looking! I picked up some new background materials and after spending about about 12 hours with my camera, FINALLY got some quality photographs for submission.

Phoenix Rising and At Rest have both been submitted to American Style Magazine. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Now that I feel more confident about my photos, I am ready to complete Tropical Aves & Flora and submit it as well. So be watching...this upcoming week both bird/flower beads will be completed!

I'm also working on a KatsEye Pendant in silver, at the suggestion of one of my customers. I'll be working on it TODAY, so the silver lovers out there might want to pick up one of those after I get it listed. 50% of every one of those I sell goes to the Craft Emergency Relief Fund who helps artists who are in need. Currently they are raising funds to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. So every KatsEye pendant I sell helps those artists in need to rebuild their lives!

Off to mow the yard...yes, I still have to do normal things like that, though I wish I could work on jewelry ALL DAY AND NIGHT!



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