Tuesday, September 27, 2005

2 New Pendant Pets! Blue Persian Cat & Rizzo the Red-Eyed Tree Frog!

Good morning! Here's two new pendant pets I finished up yesterday! Misty Blue is a blue Persian cat. I didn't even know such a cat existed, but discovered this morning there is actually a Blue Persian Society! Check it out: http://www.bluepersian.org.uk/
It says : "The Blue Persian is one of the oldest recognised pedigree breeds of cat. It can trace its origins back to ancient times and is thought to have originated in the area which was then known as Persia. Blue Persians are depicted in paintings centuries old and the breed was know in Renaissance Italy. It appears that the predecessors of the Blue Persian were initially imported into this country during the early 1800s from France where it was extremely popular, probably having originally been brought back by sailors returning from exotic places."

I thought that was pretty cool. I didn't intend on this kitty turning out this way, but like REAL PETS, they "come to life" on their own and develop their own unique coloring and personality as they evolve.

After finishing Misty Blue, I decided to create a pendant with what seems to be very popular with me this year...a red-eyed tree frog. I've named this little guy "Rizzo", and he is holding onto a RARE piece of turquoise. Rare, because I created that "stone" from polymer. I guarantee you, there isn't another like it out there!

Isn't he just TOO CUTE? I love these little frogs. I guess because they have spent the summer nights plastered to my studio glass door. I had the best time making him...he is a totally FUN pendant!

What's on the agenda for today...lots of action going on here...my daughter has a riding lesson, I'm thinking through an article in my head, and I have 2 pendants in process on the work table. One is a pendant pet (bird) and another is an Impressions design for my online fall show. I decided last night to give my newsletter subscribers a special opportunity to buy the Shades of Autumn pendants at discounted prices before I officially "open" the show on the 23rd. Those folks have been good to me over the years, supporting and encouraging me, and they deserve that. If you want to subscribe to my newsletter, you can do so on my site: http://www.michelejanine.com, and then you'll get the chance for the special sale prices too!

Well, off here to get to work. Later!


P.S. Check out my weight loss blog for today too...I shared my good news over there: http://jaislosingit.blogspot.com

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