Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wave of the Flowers Art Necklace

Today I posted an art necklace - I actually finished the pendant yesterday and paired it with this wonderful mesh round chain today:

There are some additional photos of it in the gallery here:

I've titled the piece "Wave of the Flowers". It's based on an inspiration photo of a float in New Orleans. I'm doing a whole series based on photos from New Orleans. I'm not sure how many there will be, but they are all going up on the website.

Today I'm working on a larger, more involved neckpiece, and some additional pendants. And I've still got two more beads to finished in my tropical neckpiece as well. And sometimes coming up later this year, the Guild is having another online trunk show. I'm not sure if I will participate this time or not. I guess I probably will, as I'm sure I'll still have items available which haven't sold on Ebay.

Well, it's back to the studio for me! Lots to do today and I'll share new pieces later!


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