Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two new abstract paintings!

I've decided to do a series of abstract paintings. They are quite fun to do, and are helping me to let go of some inner "stuff" I am dealing with.

Here's the first ones I've completed. (click the photos to see larger ones) The first is appropriately (for me) titled "Release" and is a diptych on 3/4" canvas with the sides painted. Total size as shown is 32x20". Rachel Dickson with the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art can currently be contacted about availability of this work.

The second painting is titled "Peacock Dance", and I've put it on Ebay for those who might be interested. It's 18x24" in size and can hang whichever way you choose.

I've added a little gold dust into small areas on both of these paintings, to give a bit of metallic sheen to these "wall jewels". :) Hope you like them!


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