Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Get Excited About Your Life (part II)

I read an example recently. You walk into a car dealership, and on one side of the room, you see a group of salespeople all huddled around, long faces, looking down at the floor, mumbling about how bad business is. On the opposite side of the room, there's a salesman buzzing around with some pep in his step, smiling and saying hello to people, full of energy. Who are you going to gravitate toward to help you with your car purchase? Think about it!

In order to attract buyers - in order to get others to *want* to do business with you - the person who is excited, obviously having fun with their day and enjoying themselves, is going to draw more customers than one who is bummed out, depressed, and whining and complaining.

So how does a person begin to get excited about their life, especially when recent situations have been crappy? In my opinion, I think the first step is making a decision TO get excited. I can sit here and decide to re-live the YUCK, or I can say, "You know what? I'm tired of this stuff. I'm ready for a change. I'm ready to ENJOY life for a change!" And I can literally start right then and there to enjoy life!

It's like there are two paths in front of me. Let's say the one to the left is dark, blah, depressing. The path to the right is filled with light and color. All it takes is me deciding to step onto the "right path" for a change. And it truly is MY decision which path I decide to walk down. Sure, people will say, "hey come with us over here to negative-land". They can even try to pull me onto the path of darkness. But because I have free-will, and have made a decision that I'm tired of the dark & dreary path, I have the choice to say, "no thanks, I think I'll go this way." It's totally up to me.

(I can see right now this is going to turn into a long post if I post everything I want to say here...and I do have a painting to do today, so it will probably be divided up into several posts.)


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