Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Get Excited About Your Life (part III) - What color is your....

...cereal? (I know, you thought I was going to say parachute. :))

Breakfast is the first thing I do every day (after coffee). Recently as I stared at the bland bowl of cereal I was eating, I thought "What in the heck am I doing? I don't even LIKE this cereal!" So I went to the store and purchased my all-time old favorite - FRUIT LOOPS! A little thought came in that said I was silly for eating Froot Loops. It is - after all - made for KIDS. Gee, a lot of the kids cereals are brightly colored. And most kids are buzzing around, loaded with energy, and having a good time. They aren't sitting around mumbling about how depressed they are. Of course some people will say it's the sugar in the cereals that get the kids all pumped up. And I'm sure it does assist in the energy boost. But it's not just the sugar...it's the COLOR.

I have a free ebook out. It's called Healing with Color and it discusses color in depth. I believe color does have a huge impact on our lives. And it can begin to have that impact each day with the colors you see during the first thing you do - eating breakfast. I truly believe the color of the food we choose to eat at the beginning of our day starts things off for us. Since I've been eating Fruit Loops, I've made more positive changes, and had more enjoyable days. I'm not saying run out and buy a box of Froot Loops and you'll have a great day (though you likely will!) - what I'm saying is if you start your day with foods that are brightly colored, you'll have more energy, more zest and more enthusiasm. All which helps to "get excited about your life".

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