Monday, August 20, 2007

Several new abstract paintings...

Been having some fun with abstract works in the past week...thought I'd share a few of them here. These are all acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

The first painting is titled "Lively Energy" and is on auction at Ebay.

The second painting is titled "The Negotiator" and is at the Dickson Gallery in Jackson, TN, as well as being listed on Ebay at fixed price with offers being accepted.

The third painting shown is titled "The Anniversary" and the original is sold, but I am producing a limited edition (20) canvas reproduction of these.

The next painting is titled "Uncovering of Self" and is full of brilliant colors! It's also on auction on Ebay. The color combination in this painting are colors which can help with weight loss!

And the final painting is by my 14 year old daughter Allyson. It's titled "Rubies in the Snow, and is on auction on Ebay in a category in my Ebay store set up just for Allyson's work.

So I've been very busy this past week! I hope to get several more completed this week.


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