Friday, August 10, 2007

Get Excited About Your Life (part 4)

Here's something else I've found that's helping me to get excited about my life again:

Believe - Believe in yourself, your abilities, and that things will change. And they will! I have found myself believing sometimes that good things only happen for others - not for me. I had to start believing that good things CAN and WILL happen for me. I have learned if I focus on "nothing good happens for me" - that's exactly what I receive...nothing good. When I believe good things CAN happen for me - they do. I've had to really have some serious pep talks with myself to get to that stage again.

Being surrounded by people who were delivering me negative messages - messages, however subtle, which said my ideas were stupid or would never work - was definitely not beneficial to me believing in myself. Fortunately I've got a better mix of people in my life over the past few years who are encouraging and supportive. There's just a few who weren't, and who were so "into themselves" they brushed me off like I was nothing. So I've made some changes with those relationships, and now I spend a lot less time (or no time at all) with the people in my life who acted that way towards me. I decided to give of my time and energy to those who were supportive and encouraging, as that's more beneficial to my well being.

I also did something I've never done...I tried a new church in my area. My neighbor has been inviting me to his church for 3 years. I was very hesitant to go, as I've never found a church I liked, and I've been to several different churches, different denominations, and even different church-affiliated schools in my life (I went to a Catholic high school in MN, and a Church of Christ college here in TN). I liked those churches and schools - but there was always a little something not right for me. This church just recently moved to a new building, and changed up everything. They are a non-denominational church. I've often heard them use the words "spirit filled church", and that is accurate. It is a spirit filled church, and I am really enjoying spending my Sunday mornings there. It's Landmark Church on Hwy 18 in South Jackson, TN, if you're in the area and want to check it out. I come away from there feeling positive and believing. Faith is reinstilled in my heart each week when I attend. It's like having a cup of water which has run dry, and you fill it with refreshing ice water, take a drink, and say ahhhhhhhh, that's good! That's what it feels like for me to go there. The music is contemporary, and allows you to FEEL, RELEASE, and ANTICIPATE the good which is ready to come into your life. The message is Bible-based, and put in a way in which it's easy to understand and apply to everyday life. It's made a big difference in my life!

On the subject of believing, I've also had to pull some of my teachings from about 7 years ago out of my memory bank and apply them to my own life. It's amazing how easy it is to teach other people something, yet when I need it, and need to be reminded, I tend to forget the very things I taught others! I wrote a course in 2000 called the "A Good Life Course". The whole point of the course was to learn to focus on GOOD. And the first thing I taught in the course booklet was the affirmation "I am deserving of all that is good". Here's an excerpt on this point:

"We *do* deserve our desires to be met. We do deserve the abundance placed before us. By stating I AM DESERVING you are erasing the old mental tapes which taught you that you were undeserving and you are replacing that tape with a new one…one that erases the “blocks” you have in your mind about having more or realizing your true desires and dreams.

Saying the I AM DESERVING OF ALL THAT IS GOOD statement reinforces the “right teaching” which is that you *should* be prosperous, supplied with your desires, and have an abundance of all that is good because it is your divine right! This is what your creator wants for you! It is your spiritual right! “All things are yours” (I Corinthians 3:21) “Give me this day my daily bread.” (The Lord’s Prayer) A rich supply of all that is good is around you universally and within you as talents, abilities and ideas longing for expression. However, that rich supply must be contacted and used. Your mind is your electrical wire that connects you. Your attitudes, mental concepts, beliefs, and outlook are your access to the rich substance of the universe. By changing your mental tape to erase the unwelcome and undesirable thoughts of “not deserving”, you are opening up the door for new attitudes, concepts, beliefs, and outlook to come in and help you to stir up the riches of the universe, attracting them to you and expressing them through you.

The thoughts of your mind have made you what you are today. And the thoughts of your mind can make you what you wish to be from now on. The more you realize this, the more you will come to understand that people, places, conditions and situations cannot keep what it is you desire from you. You will soon discover that things that have previously worked against you will soon work for and with you, or they will move out of your life completely and new situations will occur to help you succeed."

Believing in yourself and your abilities is something which can definitely help you get excited about your life again. It's helped me tremendously! Most of the time, there's no one here to give me a "pat on the back" or an "attagirl!", so I have to do that for myself. And the ability to do that all starts with my beliefs that I deserve that pat on the back, I believe I did a good job, or am contributing to the world in a good way, and if I did it once, I can do it again. If something good happened to me one day, it can happen again, or something better can even come along. And that belief, my friends, helps me to get excited about my life!


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