Friday, August 10, 2007

Psyching up to do a painting

Well the next painting - actually it's TWO paintings - is on the easel. The drawing on the canvas is anyway. I can't seem to get started. One thing I've noticed is when I'm trying a new subject idea, I tend to have to have a period of "psyching myself up" before I actually place paint on canvas. I wonder if other artists go through that?

It's like I have to mentally get into what I'm painting before I can actually paint it. Subjects I know well, or am doing because someone has commissioned me for, don't usually require this "mental thing" first. These paintings are a different subject matter (kind of) and the two will go together as a set, so that's a little different for me.

But tomorrow is my birthday and I will be kid-less with a quiet house (with the exception of my dogs, who can get wound up from time to time!), so I anticipate after I have breakfast to get right to work on these two paintings. And I think if I contemplate the design and the best way to paint it all night long (which I always do the night before a new painting!), I'll be able to get down to business and get in the flow. Yanni and I will be in sync, as always, I'm sure. :)


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