Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Get Excited About Your Life! (part I)

After years of watching Dr. Phil, that little phrase in his opening of every show - "...get excited about your life..." - is finally ringing in my head. In observing some of the successful artists on Ebay, I find one thing is standard in their listings - it's evident they are "excited" about their lives. It's just a mood which comes off the page when viewing their listings. Now - they might be excited because they are doing very well with their art sales. But I think it goes beyond that....they have a general sense of excitement about their entire life - it shows through the words, photos, and through the art. All of the art seems to utilize vibrant & rich color palettes, which are filled with excitement. And because these artists produce a large amount of work, that gives buyers a sense of their overall energy. One must have a lot of energy to put out the amount of work like some of these artists do.

So I use a vibrant color palette. I'm halfway there. My ART has energy. Now it's time to fix the other half (ME!) - I've got to get excited about my life again. It's time to let the old crap move on out - it's time to have fun with life, and direct my energy to painting, rather than other things which are destructive rather than productive.

In thinking about this over the past several days, I wondered - when a person has been through as much negative situations as I have in the past 6 months...how in the world do I go about getting excited about my life again? I've come up with some ways - some of which I've already been implementing over the past few days as I learned them. And it's working - I'm finally feeling as if I'm getting excited about my life! I'll share the different things I've thought of and tried/will try in a separate post. Keep watching!


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