Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Painting "Bluebell Lane" (click here to see it and bid!)

Here's my newest painting titled "Bluebell Lane". This painting is completed on the 1 1/2" canvas I ordered. Sides are painted and it can be hung with or without a frame. You can see close up photos in the auction for the painting.

My painting "Goldie", the golden tree frog, found a new home - a lucky bidder snatched him up off of Ebay yesterday afternoon and he is now on his way out of state! Bye bye Goldie! Prints are still available, of course. Just click the link.

Ending today on Ebay is "Leo", a 16x20 lion painting, perfect for those of us with August birthdays or anyone who loves lions like I do! :)

I've spent my day doing recordkeeping updates (UGH...I put that stuff off too long!), then went to the PO to send Goldie on his way, and then stopped here at a local store who had great buys on framed prints. It wasn't the PRINT I was after.....it was the FRAME. I found one to fit the print I have here of "Golden Guardians" and I have to admit, I'm really pleased with my purchase! I got such a great deal on this and I got to thinkin'....
(Another UH OH! LOL!)

Yes, I got to thinking about these cheap prints they have at all the discount/decor stores around here - and I realized, hey, the FRAMES on many of these are AMAZING! And for a good price! Much better than I could get a custom frame made for! So today I ordered some canvas BOARDS rather than the stretched canvas, and I went a little larger in size (18x24), hoping to find some of these great buys on frames, take out the cheap poster prints and use the frame for my original art and/or my fine art prints. Why not? The frames are WOOD and often of very nice quality. The reason I went with the canvas boards was because many of these frames are not deep enough for a stretched canvas, but they are great for a board.

So after racking my brain all day on what to order, Dick Blick now has some more of my hard-earned money. :)

Well, I'm off here to get busy on another painting. I haven't decided on what landscape/garden/floral type painting which will be next in the Serenity Series, so I'm going to work on the Scarlet Macaw portrait I've had planned for about 2 weeks now.

Tally ho,

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