Sunday, August 06, 2006

What a way to go! The passing of Fred (or one of his relatives?)

Before I get into this little story, let me explain about my house layout here...

My studio is down on the lower level of the house - and there is a big bedroom/living room area attached to the studio area. That's where I sleep.

Because it is a basement level, there seem to be more little "critters" finding their way in. (they might come in upstairs too, for all I know, but I think my cat snatches them up before I see them!)

I have an over-abundance of "crickets" it seems. And I don't kill them...if I can catch them, I'll just open the door and toss them right back out. But I name them all - I call each one "Fred" and sometimes, if there are two crickets, I'll call them "Fred and Ethel" (yes I'm an old I Love Lucy fan!).

Anyway, so I'm getting ready to hit the sack last night and walk into the bedroom area to lay down. I always keep my remote to the TV on the pillow next to me. I glance over there and WHOA! Something is on the pillow!

I freeze at first, wondering if it's alive and what's it doing in *MY BED*?????? (that has NEVER happened before! The crickets stick to floor level ONLY!) So as I stand there staring at this visitor, I notice he's not moving. I lean in's FRED! And he's DEAD!

Yep, sure enough, this cricket laid down on his back and just flat-out died right by the remote control and on the cushiony pillow! I decided I couldn't let this pass without a photo because no one would "get" the full effect of it unless they saw it.

So these photos are of Fred, laying on his back, arms folded across his chest, legs extended, passed on to Cricket Heaven. Bless his little heart!

My son, the ingenious thinker he is, came up with the solution that Fred might have touched the remote control and shocked daughter swears after he saw my bird painting I just finished, he kicked the bucket because the bird looks so "real" and he envisioned this BIG MACAW (16x20) coming after him. LOL!

Anyway, I thought you'd get a kick out of seeing these photos. I changed them to B&W because my camera didn't like my lighting in that room and everything was way too saturated.

Poor Fred....but at least it looks like he went peacefully!


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