Friday, August 04, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Friday

I'm amazed at how much better my tired old dining area looks after framing and matting my print of Golden Guardians and hanging it up. Suddenly, there is a burst of brilliant color in the room, and it looks great with the black mat and black and gold frame. The prints are actually a bit brighter in hue/contrast than the original...Interesting!

I guess you'd have to understand more about my house to "get it" on why hanging this one piece of art excites me so much. I have a BIG house - size-wize. Large rooms, which I really like. The decorating, however, is OLD OLD OLD. The wallpaper in my dining area is hideous. It's gotten to where I've just blocked it out of my vision. LOL! The house needs some redecorating to become more up to date. Which costs money I haven't made yet. (an no, to those who are wondering, I still have the same leaky roof, although I did get a repair done to stop that...which is just a temporary fix and it's just a matter of time before it does it again.)

So anyway, hanging this print in the dining area suddenly filled my room with this color and vibrancy I didn't have before! Now I don't have to block out the wallpaper (nor do I feel pressured about re-doing it when I don't have the money!) - the print totally takes away views of the paper on the walls. And that's why I'm excited!

So I started playing around this morning with images to see how "Bluebell Lane" might look framed up. This painting has a terrific "glow" to it, and although I'm not a fan of blue, I think because I used a lot of golden yellow coloring, I really, really like this painting the more I look at it. What do you think? Here's a photo of it in a bedroom scene.

I mean think about it...if you lived in the city, what a COOL piece of work to hang! It breaks the view of skyscrapers out the window and give a bit of flowery countryside to look at instead!

It's just amazing to me how one piece of art can really make the difference in a room. Now that my dining area looks better, it's made me notice how the print hanging over my tired, torn, and worn out sofa looks just as terrible as the couch. It's an old print of foxes in the woods. It's not "colorful" at all and on top of that, it's framed in a brown wood and hanging on a light brown paneled wall.

Now I happen to love the paneling in this room - it's very rustic and goes well with the exposed beams and the built in bookshelf in the roof. But after hanging Golden Guardians in the connected dining area, I notice more than ever how much this fox print is blending too much with the wall and just basically disappears. That whole wall looks BLAH.

I need a new couch, yes, and I am about ready to start looking in the papers or at the garage sales to see if I can pick one up for a decent price. Either that or re-cover this one, which I have NO CLUE of how to do.

In addition to a couch, however, I now am thinking about the art. The foxes have got to go. Sorry boys, maybe just a transfer to another room WITHOUT paneling? :)

So I was thinking about a large painting there. I've ordered some larger canvases which are on their way, but I'm thinking about a REALLY LARGE painting - and this watercolor canvas only comes in 30x40 for the largest size (the size of the fox print now...which is really too small for the space).

So over coffee this morning I'm thinking about how to do a larger painting than 30x40 there, being as that's the largest size I can get the canvas in. I could make my own canvas, except by the time I buy all the stuff necessary to do that, I could have had a new sofa! I'm thinking of other solutions, racking my brain, and suddenly, the idea hit!

A triptych! I'll do the painting where it spans 3 canvases! DUH! Why didn't I think of that before? So I can get three 24x36" canvases, and that will give me 36" x 72" total size, which will fill the space amply!

I have two images I'm thinking about painting. One I've been wanting to do is horses running through ocean water. The front horse will be a black stallion (my absolute favorite!) and the other horses will be in other colors....white....brown....chestnut....maybe a palimino in there. I'll fill the ocean water with green hues, so it will tie in with my green carpet. I'll add some pinks/yellows to the cloud cover to give some brilliant color to the piece. Maybe a few birds in the sky, and who knows what other little jewels might appear in this work! :) other choice, which would really go better with the room - a cheetah or mountain lion scene. I'm leaning toward the cheetah as I watched a movie this week called "Duma" about a cheetah, and I really became quite fond of this big cat. The cheetah work would really go better in the room, as I have other wildlife items in the room, including a lion painting and a stuffed Bobcat on the fireplace mantle. Which speaking of the fireplace, HE blends in too much with the mantle (which is white brick) and the fireplace needs a piece of colorful art as well...MORE WORK! LOL

No matter which I decide to paint, I'll have a piece of art which makes the difference in the room without having to change another thing in the room. (except I AM going to have to do something about the's in really bad shape!)

I love doing this kind of work. If someone came to me and said, hey, I'd love a painting this size for my living room and my favorite subject is ________ and I want these colors used...etc, etc, I could definitely take on the challenge and do the work. I'm just not sure how to GET that kind of work.

I am working on a canvas with multiple images of animals (portrait style face views) which I'll be taking to the gallery and advertising that I'll do custom pet paintings. But how in the world does one get the word out they will do a custom painting to "fit the room", basically?

I guess that's a question to ponder for tomorrow's coffee break.


P.S. The rooster painting is on Ebay for those who were interested!

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