Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The websites of big businesses...

Okay, so not ALL big businesses have this issue. But I can tell you, it's happened so many times, it's not even funny anymore. You see something advertised and then you see "go to our website for details". So you go. What's there? NOTHING about what you were looking for details on! I mean, come on people!

One would assume if *I* can advertise something on my site and actually make sure it's on there, that these big companies - who have gazillions of employees - could actually get one of those employees to do the job and make sure the information is there.

So then I email for details. Tap...tap...tap...(that's the sound of my fingers tapping my desk waiting for a reply). I've had 3 meals and a good night's sleep and am still waiting for a reply. You know, one time a big company emailed a response to an inquiry I made *3 months* after I had sent it. Just a tad late!

This is why I love dealing with smaller websites and singly or family-owned businesses. Those folks are so much more attentive to things than mega-corporations are. And the bigger companies which began as an internet business are usually pretty good about things (except Ebay....but then that's a story for another day....LOL!) - but so many of the brick and mortar places that set up these fancy-schmancy websites just don't have a clue about internet business.

Guess that's my gripe for the day. In the meantime, I'm working on another design (a small commission - YEAH!) and still plan - if all goes well with this design - to work on my Hydrangea flower paintings today too. This commission design is could actually lead me into doing yet another series. I'll just have to see how this one goes first.


P.S. Glad to see Ernesto didn't knock my Florida family members upside the head too bad! Hopefully he won't be too bad for other parts of the US either.

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