Monday, August 28, 2006

What am I willing to accept?

I was reading my thought for today which appears each day at the bottom of my blog home page.

Today's thought begins with: This day you will be provided with precisely what you are willing to accept. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

And it ends with: Consider carefully and thoughtfully what you are willing to accept. For whatever it is, you will most certainly have.

So I was thinking....what am I willing to accept? Now one wouldn't think a person would be willing to accept "bad stuff"...such as someone being smart-mouth or critical or laughing at you...or someone brushing off what you just said like it was nothing....or someone walking into your house and trying to take over like they own it....or someone calling you when you are working and demanding you do this "other thing right now". One would think a normal person would reject those things and just say "no".

But how often have I personally let those things occur? How often have I fallen into that powerless state of mind? I probably did it because it was easier....I didn't want the I just sucked it up and went along.

And guess what? I got exactly what I was willing to accept. The thought for today is right! You WILL get exactly what you are willing to accept. YUCK!

After thinking about this, I realize I need to change what I'm willing to accept in several areas of my life. And that may have to be re-affirmed daily for it to fact, I can almost guarantee I'll have to be re-affirming it daily in order to get it to truly become a part of me and for me to be able to create the life I desire.

So what am I willing to accept? Am I willing to accept someone demanding I stop working on a painting to do this "one little thing" they want me to do? NO. I am instead willing to accept people will respect the fact that I am working - just like they do at their "normal" jobs - and they will wait until I am through with my work day - just like I do for them.

Am I willing to accept someone trying to come in and take over my house? NO. Instead I am willing to accept those who have done that will graciously move on when I say "no" or "it's not a good time", or "go do that at your own house".

Am I willing to accept a smart-mouth, critical person trying to step into my life and treat me like a piece of crap? NO. I am instead willing to accept those people move out of my life and respect the fact I am walking away from them. (They will find someone else to take their abuse, I'm sure.)

I am willing to accept that:

  • My art is good - actually it is exceptionally well-executed and very reasonably priced for the medium and support systems I am using.
  • My painting ending on Ebay today is much more worthy than my asking price, and should quickly sell at the listed price.
  • My commission rates are very fair for the market
  • My new series is going very well, and I am pleased with it. I believe the public will also become more and more pleased with it as I move along further into the series, and these paintings and their prints will become true collectibles in households around the world.
  • I am deserving of a full work day without lengthy personal interruptions, and I am willing to accept waiting until the end of my work day to deal with personal issues.
  • I am calming down, becoming healthier, and making more healthy decisions.
  • An increase in my print orders weekly.
  • Comments, including compliments on my art, even from those who are not in a position to buy at this time.
  • Respect when I say "now is not a good time" or a certain day is off-limits.
  • Full attention paid when I am discussing something, and a remembrance of what was discussed.
  • I have a right to say what's on my mind, too. (this stems from people who tend to dump their crap in my lap, tell me their feelings/decisions/etc, yet don't want to hear my response. You bring it to me, you share it with me, then I am deserving of having my words heard too!)
  • My decisions are accepted, simply because I made them for my life...that is good enough. No further explanations are necessary. (but I will listen to other's opinions)
  • Respect of the fact I am SLEEPING at night, and don't desire to be awakened by knocking on my door at 2:30 in the morning because the other party "wants to talk" other words, I deserve my sleep...LOL!

That's a short list of what I am willing to accept. Anything other than that, or which goes opposite of those things, I will have to send out of my life like lightning in order to create the life I want for myself. Because, see, I've been learning over the past few years, no one else is going to "give me" the life I's not their is mine. *I* must create the life I want for myself.



Paula said...

BRAVO! BRAVO!! I think I'll make my own personal list of things I will accept and won't accept. NICE POST!!

Anonymous said...

This is so true: "I* must create the life I want for myself." If you can't do that for yourself, your current life may not be the one that you actually want.