Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fairy Paintings

I'm having fun with the small painting I'm working on, which is a design featuring a Pegasus horse and a fairy. I don't normally paint fairys. I love painting people, and I love painting nudes/pinup style art...which I did for many years and then I stopped for some reason. I went to painting more animals and birds instead.

Now I'm working on this fairy painting - which of course is this magical person with wings. It's interesting, and I'm really enjoying it. I know I sound shocked...and I guess I am. I've always admired the work of the great fairy artists out there.

Yesterday I was doing some reading about creating fairy art, and I came across a statement by someone. Can't recall who it was or where I saw it, but the gist was what makes a good painter of fairies is the one who adds their own unique touch to the creation of the mood or theme. In other words, it's not just a human figure with wings added. It's the whole package deal.

And I remembered that statement as I have been working on my painting. I can feel it taking life - I am starting to feel the mood coming from within me and onto the canvas....the creativity is emerging and it feels really good, especially since I have been so blocked this week. It's like I'm feeling "free-er" doing this kind of work - as if the magical is taking over? Hard to explain, but I feel like I'm becoming one with the fantasy.

Who knows - maybe this will be the start of something new for me to explore and pursue. I've got to do something different - I do know that. Real life hasn't been that hot for me lately, so maybe I just need to "disappear" into the fantasy.


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